Monday, June 7, 2010


I recently had a birthday and I didn’t get one gift wrapped with pretty bows. Ahhh! That is a good thing. I make a big deal out of not having things to clean, dust and find a place for. Politely, of course.

Some gifts I did get: my husband put out cash for me to travel in my car from California to Texas, Mom and Dad gave me some money, I also got a pedicure, many lunch dates, and some gift certificates. I am a happy person. My loved ones and friends understand me.

Most adults are happy to give up looking for the perfect gifts. It takes time and money and then the gifted may not even like it. Nobody wants to be the first to approach the subject. If he or she is a good friend they will want to know how you feel. Maybe they also wanted to talk about it, but you can be the brave one.

Writers of simplicity books have pages of ideas. Let’s be simple here. The following list of gift suggestions is short.
*gift certificates
*a lunch or movie date
*money wrapped creatively (the picture in this post shows roses made from paper money)
*gifts of food (examples: baskets of ingredients and a recipe, fresh homemade cookies, mugs with cocoa and marshmallows, homemade salsa)
*a card with a love message inside or a promise for a future get together or homemade dinner
*Any idea of your own

Please comment and give some ideas that you have used.

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