Friday, June 4, 2010

Collections or Antique Mustard Pots

I have collected antique mustard pots for a very long time. Each one is so pretty or so unique. Last time I counted I had 150. One time they were displayed in a local museum. I was so proud.
Time goes by and we all change. I have. Now my desire is to streamline, to downsize, to start over. Those lovely mustard pots are not going to fit in the traveling RV, so they must go to homes that will love them.

Collections are hard to part with because each one has a story. Collections are fun. When you know someone collects something I bet you want to buy the collector a new collectable. I have a friend that once mentioned she liked music boxes. Well, now she has over thirty years of music boxes given to her as gifts and she doesn't even like them.

It is easy to get a collection going but very hard to get rid of. The biggest concern is that people who gave you the "gifts" might be hurt. To be blunt: too bad. Tell them you did love the item, it served its purpose, it was a wonderful addition to the collection, you will never forget that they put such thought into it, and you even have a picture of it. Now it is time to let go.

This is what I did. My sister has a EBay business. I packed them all up, wrapping each mustard pot carefully so it would not break, packed them in the back of my VW Bug, drove to Texas and gave them to Sissy who will sell them. Or was this just an excuse to go to Texas. I love a road trip!

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