Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Cleaning Memoir

This morning I was cleaning the bathrooms and started to think about when I was 18 and rented my first apartment. I just got paid (I was a telephone operator and received $90.00 a week) so I went to Alpha Beta to buy supplies. I bought 409, Windex, Comet, a broom, sponges, everything I thought I needed. What makes it so memorable to me is that I went over what cash I actually had so I had to put some things back. I was so embarrassed.

Over time I accumulated all the many, many things I needed to “keep house.” I have always liked to keep things neat and organized so I have spent lots of money on organizers of all kind, as well as cleaning products of all kind.

There are stages of our lives: young single girl, young wife, mother, retired lady, and grandmother. At each stage the household needs change as well as the things we think we need. At my first apartment I didn’t have a microwave, computer or big screen TV. If they were invented they were not in the budget of a telephone operator in 1970.

Where is this going? Here it is…if only I had all the money I wasted on cleaning supplies and organizers, I could have a big nest egg stashed. I love cleaning with my homemade cleaning supplies. I got rid of many, many, things and lots of stuff so I don’t need as many organizers. I still struggle to keep papers (of all kind) at bay and things still find their way to my house. However, life is easy and I am getting closer to my beach side apartment.

The circle of life continues.

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