Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Photographs and CDs

Does everyone have what seems like thousands of pictures, CDs and then copies of all the copies, then scrapbooks of many of the pictures? I do! Between genealogy, my life's work of collecting family pictures, and my love of travel and of graveyards and tombstones, not to mention regular family pictures, the collection has become enormous.
My someday dream of traveling around the country in a RV or living in the little beach house I want, will not accomodate these batches of pictures. big current project is to consolodate. I discovered that LOTS of pictures will fit on just one CD. (This is a duh for many of you, huh?) Yesterday and this morning I eliminated 15 disc, made just one for my Boller family side. I included my travel pictures of "Boller Sites," old pictures, gravestone pictures and postcards I have collected for Boller places. Then I printed a contact sheet of the photos on that disc and filed it into the "Boller Folder." This was easy. Kinda.
Now I have to work on the other family lines. What I haven't figured out yet is how to reorganize all the everyday family pictures. Years of family pictures, husband's before marriage photos, my before marriage photos. Does anyone have a answer?
I am willing to be ruthless and embrace simplicity but I do LOVE all my pictures.

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